Oh Happy Day!


A little tip was dropped on Tuesday that we are in fact moving! I find it fascinating that at the beginning of every move, I seem to play down the doomed reality that this will actually be a lot of work. This is how it usually unfolds…

Denial… “Oh we don’t have much, moving won’t take too long…” Panic… ”We are moving next week, how am I going to get all this done?!” Packing… ”We have way too much stuff!” Moving… ”This U-haul smells funny…!!” We Made It… ”Ahh, life is good.”

The mix of trying to live your everyday life while your world literally gets picked up and transported to another location is no vacation. And somehow you always have way more stuff than you anticipate! Last week was panic, this week is packing and then onto the smelly Uhaul – and some how we manage to still have a great time!

After a busy weekend of moving + family festivities, I will be on vacation next week! Until then – drink cocktails with paper daisies, make paper flowers with your friends and Enjoy the summer sunshine! Happy summer and I will see you back here July 14th!

Xx, Rachael

P.s. If your looking for paper flower inspiration find everything you need to get started, tips and tricks and color inspiration for making stand out blooms! I’ll be answering emails as long as I have internet :) So reach out if you have any questions at all. Happy creating!



Alright, last call for all the paper flowers in the shop …because we are moving!!! So that means a crazy good sale. We have enough nick-nacks and kitchen gadgets to pack, and these cute blooms are in need of a new home!

Get Five paper flowers for $20 and FREE SHIPPING!

Paper flowers will ship within 5-7 business days.

Update: We are sold out! A huge thanks to all that purchased our paper blooms. The mailman will be picking up your packages for delivery Friday, July 2nd – Hooray!

Hayley Sheldon

morgan-flower-crown1I think its safe to say the master of paper flower crowns is Ms. Hayley Sheldon (@Hayleysheldon). Her work was buried at the bottom of our #APPaperFlowerLove feed. How did I miss this? The mother of the most adorable baby girl, the lovely Hayley captures the beauty of paper flowers with the most genuine spirit. Her joy is clear, bright colors and life’s simple pleasures covering her social media feed. You have a new fan sweet Hayley, thanks for the incredible inspiration online, a true reminder to be our genuine selves – Be YOU and keep on creating sista!

Happy Friday friends + hope you have a wonderful weekend soaking up the sun!


Image c/o Hayley Sheldon


AppetitePaper_The-Secret-to-Floral-Tape_06Floral tape is one of the main ingredients in paper flowers. Yet for most, this material is the #1 cause of frustration during construction. Its indecisive attitude of, am I sticky? Am I not? can make anyones blood boil. After all, the title of “tape” tricked me into thinking it could actually adhere. Well deep breathe, I hope this tip helps put that rocky relationship on the mend…

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Paper Daisy Drink Stirrer


I know Im not the only one who starts craving hot dogs, potato salad and refreshing cocktails this time of year. It’s practically in our blood when the forth of July starts peaking around the corner. Its that time of year where we can wear flip flops, bask in the sun and indulge in not one, but two (or three) hotdogs without judgement. Basically this girls summer dreams come true.

Usually I don’t have time to fuss with little details. Coordinating with friends or family and rallying up the troops for a celebration is a task in itself. But as much as I try to avoid it, I can’t help but mark any celebration as an excuse to whip up something special. So this is my “I’m procrastinating making my pasta salad project”, join me!

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