I can not say enough about Natalie! I so appreciate her esthetic of natural woods and greenery when Im surrounded in my all white, bright colored world. She is so innovative with her hydrangea blooms and paper leaves dancing on tree branches, It seems she is always stretching her skills and finding new ways to share her paper flowers with the world.

I couldn’t help but notice her gorgeous Instagram photos are followed by friendly comments, “Are those real flowers? Are they Paper?”. Although wacky color combinations and metallics are always fun, it seems we both share the love of making realistic paper blooms. I just love watching paper come to life as I attempt to replicate a flower the way nature intended!

Natalie, so glad you tagged your beautiful work to our Instagram #APpaperflowerlove feed. Your natural style and soft hues are present in every bloom, you inspire us all to stay true to what makes us unique. Keep on creating sister!



P.s. What is shiny & new and coming to Appetite Paper? Let the guessing games begin! Next week we will be sharing one clue at the end of each blog post (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), leading up to one BIG surprise! Ek, its going to be great! I can not wait, all I can say is we are going to have a great time! :) Okay, Okay that’s it! Until then, have a great weekend! 




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I love Lucia’s (@luciabalcazarapproach to color.  That paper flower portfolio of hers is filled with talent! And any girl that loves This American Life and grapefruit juice is a winner in my book. Her ability to push the boundaries with bright colors and hand-painted leaves has me awe inspired to think outside of the box. What do you love about her work? Her original details are so refreshing!

Lucia’s thoughtfully styled portfolio is also a vivid reminder of how much heart goes into a single photo. There is an artist, stylist and patient photographer behind each image. To the average on-looker its just a pretty photo, but as the artist, we’re reminded of the creative process we endured to see that picture become a reality. 

Our latest feature, the paper Peony was no exception. As women we are owners of high expectations, the pressure of perfection and creators of a place where mistakes, wasted-time and flaws are not welcome. We are hard on ourselves. So naturally, as I attempted the beloved paper peony, my work was not meeting my expectations. Every move I made was wrong, so I gave up. But in the midst of weepy tears (and a bad Netflix movie), I was delicately reminded that God has a safer space for me to create in. A space that welcomes mistakes, celebrates my flaws and allows me to explore possibilities without the crippling fear of failure. The pressure was off, the weight was lifted and these photos remind me of the freedom I was gifted to simply enjoy the creative process, to just be me and create. 

Lucia’s portfolio was a reminder that each photo we see online has a story. Each photo represent our fear of failure, the strive for perfection and the surrender. The fight to grow our skills, to challenge the possibilities and the opportunity to see our creative ideas come to life. Thank you for the reminder Lucia, your work is a beauty. Your submission to our #APpaperflowerlove on Instagram was not to be missed. Im loving all the YOU I see in your flowers, keep on creating!

Xx Rachael



Our love for a bright metallic accent is not going away any time soon. Its a growing epidemic in everyones lives, sneaking into our home décor, parties, events and now our paper flowers. Take an ordinary item, add metallic and its elevated into something completely fresh. My favorite metallic paint can be used just about anywhere, so proceed with caution, it can become very addicting…

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