My Favorite | Case Ceramics


You may recognize this picture, our wildflower arrangement was loved by many, but where was the whiskey bottle from? I’ll give you three hints…their work is stunning, they live on the west coast and they have talent for days! Lets get to know Case Ceramics. [Read more…]

Top Ten Paper Flower Moments

SM_Appetite-Paper-Peony-Fresh-Cut-Paper-Flowers_01Wow what a season, we have been out and about, and all over the internet this year! I can’t help but stop and reminisce as these summer days come to a close. So grateful for the joy filled days, stressful tears and the inevitable challenges that come with growing! Lets take a walk down memory lane, shall we? … [Read more…]

Paper Wildflowers


Well summer is over as we very well know it, so where did all the cute little flowers go? My ability to yank wildflowers out of the ground and display them proudly in my kitchen is no longer an option. Then in walk paper! Recreated and everlasting, this wild bunch will certainly last me through winter! Lets see what it takes to make this little arrangement your reality…

[Read more…]

Wildflower Series | The Thistle


The thistle is known for being a thorn in your side, but you really can not deny their beauty! They add great texture among soft romantic petals and with a few simple steps, you have yourself a little wild to go into your bouquets! I promise our paper thistle is a bit more friendly than most… [Read more…]